Typical steps followed in Dissertation

Dissertation writing is original work and presentation of a new idea or issue and solutions for the same. It is research in a new area or topic.

The following are typical steps one could follow in Dissertation writing.

Choosing the topic – Ensure that you choose a topic that is interesting and makes you enthusiastic doing the research. You should be able to do your research work comfortably without having any roadblocks for the same.

Literature study – You need to ensure that your idea is novel and has not been explored before. To do that you need to do a lot of literature review.

Work out the methodology of research – Plan out your research and the process you will be following for the same. The data collection and analysis methods should also be worked out.

Collection of data – The time for data collection depends on the method you are going to follow. It could be qualitative data by means of interviews or questionnaires. Or it could be quantitative data by observations or questionnaires etc.

Work on the theory behind your data – The data collected needs to be supported by appropriate theory and explanations.

Analysis and interpretation of data – The analysis of data will involve taking only meaningful information from your data and summarizing it. In the process all irrelevant data will be discarded.

Documenting your findings – Finally all the information you have seen and concluded needs to be documented in the form of a dissertation.

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