Tips to Minimise Dissertation Proposal Rejections

Writing a dissertation proposal is never easy. As the further course of your PhD journey depends on the acceptance of the proposal, you need to make sure to write it in the best possible manner. But even often writing it well, often the proposal of many PhD scholars gets rejected. If you too are a PhD scholar, you may be worried about your dissertation proposal as well. Do not worry! Read on the tips to minimise the chance of your dissertation proposal getting rejected!

Follow the University Guidelines
When drafting the dissertation proposal, make sure you follow your university’s guidelines. Write it in the way your university has laid down the guidelines. Most of the dissertation rejections happen as the scholars do not follow the guidelines in writing the dissertation proposal.

Write the proposal within the stipulated word limit
Make sure to write the dissertation proposal within the word limit specified by your mentor. Often, PhD scholars get carried away and in order to try to impress the selection committee and their mentor, they write lengthy dissertation proposal. But it is actually a grave mistake. If you do not follow the stipulated word limit, your proposal may get instantly rejected.

Get External Help
You may be good at research, but may not know what to aptly write the dissertation proposal. Always remember that even though choosing the right dissertation topic is crucial, writing the proposal in the right manner is equally important. You need to take proper care of the vocabulary, punctuations, citations, indexing, layout and much more. If you believe that you are not good at writing the dissertation proposal, you can always seek external help. Explore online to find a credible online platform that boasts of experienced PhD holders who will write the dissertation proposal on your behalf. This will significant reduce the chance of your dissertation proposal being rejected.

Proofread your dissertation proposal
When you have written the dissertation proposal or got it drafted from someone else, do make sure to proofread it. Often, when you proofread, you may find simple or even grave errors which you can actually rectify before submission. Do remember that your dissertation may get rejected due to these errors which you often overlook. So, make sure to proofread your dissertation twice before submitting it to your mentor.

Follow the aforementioned tips and significantly reduce the chances of your dissertation proposal being rejected!

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