Statistics Services

Professional Data Analysis Services With Latest Statistics Software

Data analysis is one of the important aspects of your study as it will help you draw your conclusion and interpret your findings. Statistical analysis is a tough row to hoe as more often than not, you don’t know about the right technique that fits in your data for the correct interpretations, but now you don't need to let your worries pile up because we have the latest software for data analysis and interpretation.

Dissertation Help Switzerland has experienced data analysts and statisticians who have the knack for all statistics software. Whether it is SPSS, SAS, NVivo or any other software, our statisticians know about all of them. We can sort out your raw data and organise it in meaningful chunks for a detailed analysis. You just have to place an order; we will analyse and draw a meaningful conclusion.

What Does It Include?

You might not be aware of the right mathematical formula and using the right software, so you may need professional help.

Filter and manage data

Filter And Manage Data

Our statisticians know filtering raw data into useful information for a detailed analysis.

Relevant software selection

Relevant Software Selection

Considering your study design and objectives, we choose the most suitable software for you. All types of tests can’t be applied to all types of data. Thus, we suggest the approach that churns out meaningful information.

Results interpretation

Results Interpretation

We have the potential to use the right software to interpret results on the basis of your study - qualitative or quantitative.

Why Are Our Statistic Services Useful?

  • We use the latest software tools to analyse and interpret data and findings.
  • Our tests include but not limited to regression and correlation analysis, chi-square, hypothesis testing, ANOVA, time series and index number, and the like.
  • To ensure collected data is not erroneous, we provide data cleaning services.
  • We also take some steps to maintain the integrity of the data.
  • We assess the consistency of the data as a whole.